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BALLABIO ITALIA as you are probably already aware has been making quality Made in Italy furniture, mirrors and consoles for almost 60 years.
The establishment is located in Mariano Comense in the province of Como.
The firm was born in 1947 and since than it has been taking care of the faithful reproduction of ancient models .

By a long and scrupulous research BALLABIO ITALIA has been able to reproduce the magnificence, the refinements and majesty of the different furniture styles: Louis XIV, Philippe XV, Empire, Baroque up to Liberty and Deco style.

The continuos pursuance of perfection as well as the patrimony of culture and experience achieved in these years are well expressed in our furniture collections.
This is what we want to offer to our world-wide range of customers who keep on showing their preference and appreciation.

We are proud to say that whilst much of our industry has gone overseas to region offering cheap labour force, with reduced quality and service, we have consciously taken the opposite approach. For this reason we carry on our whole production within the factory.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in each piece of our furniture, mirrors and consoles: timbers are carefully chosen however long the search for the perfect piece and the finishes are made by expert hands so that our products are not damage or worn with time.
All our collections are designed with a tradition of comfort and elegance without sacrificing practicality.
Soft shapes and endless solutions make it suitable for all environments.

BALLABIO ITALIA furniture, mirrors and consoles are ideal for those who prefer to meet and exceed sophistication and value.

Our products are manufactured to guarantee long-lasting reliability and the 'Made in Italy' label is displayed proudly by our company.

We have always continued to strive for ensuring high quality products at affordable prices.

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